Consolidated Brothers Company (CBC)

We make a difference since the 1994s and we still remain one of the leading companies in the investment sector in all its forms, which aligns with the company's strategic direction according to the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.

Vision 2030

To keep up with the aspirations of Saudi Arabia by investing in new ideas and innovative technologies to achieve the Kingdom's vision. We aim to become one of the leading investment companies and we strive to reinforce our core values of transparency, integrity, social and environmental responsibility, and employ the best business practices in our management.

Multiple investments

The company has diversified its investments by establishing specialized companies in the fields of marketing, energy, and manufacturing. The group also invests in the banking and industrial sectors in financial markets, in addition to investments inside and outside the Kingdom.

Chairman speech

I would like to begin by expressing my thanks and appreciation to all members of the company for their continuous efforts and hard work in achieving our goals and ongoing success.

Consolidated Brothers Company (CBC) was established in 1994s and is one of the leading investment companies in Saudi Arabia. The company's vision revolves around economic, commercial, and social development in the kingdom, and it strives to diversify its investment sectors and expand its investments within and outside the country. The company contributes to building a bright future for communities through its investments in marketing, energy, and manufacturing, in addition to investing in banking and industrial sectors in local and global financial markets.

We are committed to continuing this positive path and developing it in the future, and we continue to work towards achieving Saudi Arabia's vision for comprehensive development.

Ibrahim Abdul Mohsen Al Sultan

Our investment partnerships

Our business focuses on participating in the creation and innovation of more distinguished projects, qualifying us to be one of the best investment companies in Saudi Arabia, including: